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    Harri Consulting Inc.

    Pharma-focused Consulting Services
  • Harri Consulting Inc.

    Harri Consulting Inc.

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  • Harri Consulting Inc.

    Harri Consulting Inc.

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  • Harri Consulting Inc.

    Harri Consulting Inc.

    Pharmaceutical Advisory

 Consulting – Business Development – Investment Advisory

Harri Consulting Inc. is a pharma-focused consulting services firm, dedicated to advice on business opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry. We specialize on consulting, business development, and investments. We possess international, hands-on pharma-experience in ethical, generic and biotech sectors spanning from retailing through licensing, sales, marketing, and institutional infrastructures. Our international MS and post-grad education background covers Pharmacy and Business Administration. We offer pharma-focused Consulting, Business Development and Investment services. We exclusively dedicate our resources to projects in focus. We selectively accept projects, in which our resources, knowledge and experience add values to our clients. We analyze, advice, implement, execute, and measure the synergy – depending on clients’ needs. Surf our site for more info on our competencies, or give us a shout to figure out how we may support your pharma-specific decision-making.

Pharma-focused Consulting Services

Harri Consulting is a lean and dynamic firm, offering consulting and business development services targeted towards stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry.


Who we are

Harri Consulting Organization Inc. is a pharma-focused consulting firm, offering consulting and business development services to stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry. The firm was founded by a small group of international entrepreneurs  in 1999, and incorporated in the state of Delaware on June 6 the same year. Its purpose was to capitalize on the founders’ diverse international expertise by offering consulting services, by the partners and their network of experts, to multinational corporations. Since then, the firm and its concept has developed. On September 1, 2007, new partners acquired the firm. Its focus was narrowed into its core competencies of pharma-consulting, adding value and supporting decision-making for pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and pharma-focused investors.

Today, the firm consists of full-time employed partners with expertise in pharmaceuticals and business administration, and a network of international experts in various key sectors, offering pharma-consulting services. With lean overhead, dynamic infrastructure, out-sourced supportive functions, and mobile operating locations, we are organized to adjust our business model to any market situation and need by clients and projects. Our key to success is to offer tailor-made professional consultancy solutions by utilizing our network of selective experts with knowledge, skills and experience in the area suitable for each case.

Global in scope

Boundaries neither limit our knowledge nor innovation. Our experts work on cases depending on the need for expertise and knowledge. Case teams can consist of various nationalities and our cross-functional expertise allow various possible combination of experts.

What We Offer

Strategic Consulting

We offer pharma-focused strategic and marketing consulting service, based on in-depth knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry – particularly the generic sector. Our service includes analysis, valuations, projections, and opinion, to pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and investors. We analyze strategies, marketing plans, annual reports and budgets, valuate pharmaceutical portfolios, pipelines and business units, project profitability of markets and business units, and provide opinion on reports and agreements. Furthermore, we take on projects including competitiveness assessment, portfolio management, benchmarking, change management, and implementation support.

We work directly with ethical and generic pharmaceutical companies on smaller-scale projects, and we team up with leading consulting firms for larger-scale project – in which our industry-specific expertise adds value to the consultant’s strategic and/or marketing expertise. In addition, we are able to step in to a consulting process at the end of the strategic consultation. The strategic solution might be obvious, but the best way to manage the change and the implementation is a league of its own. The value of strategic consultation is only as good as the bottom-line impact derived from its implementation. We bridge the gap between strategic theory and operational praxis.

Business Development

We offer various business development services aimed at maximizing your future profitability generating optimal synergies. Our projects include in- and out-licensing, portfolio acquisition and divestment, internationalization planning, pharmaceutical branding, co-development advice, registration strategies, pricing strategies, and contractual support.

We are seasoned in all procedures related to Business Development, especially for generic pharmaceutical companies, and we are well connected to all key players in the industry – including API suppliers, Dossier developers, finished goods providers, contract manufacturers, contract packagers, and CRO sites. Our competencies include in- and out-licensing, portfolio management, portfolio valuation, pricing, contracting, registration strategies, due diligence on royalty payments, etc. We offer long-term service agreement to manage specific business development procedures and projects for your pharmaceutical company.

Investment Advisory

We support investors in decision-making by reviewing acquisition projects, valuating divestment candidates, and connecting potential buyers and sellers. We offer due diligence on pharmaceutical sales, budgets, portfolios, pipelines and business projections. Furthermore, we create investment projects for private and institutional investors.

We have completed investment advisory projects for some of the major international investment banks and private equity funds, as well as portfolio managers of leading mutual funds. We evaluate investment projects and we give opinion on M&A proposals based on our pharmaceutical expertise. We valuate profitability of products, projects, portfolios, pipelines, and business units. We project profitability of markets and sectors within the global pharmaceutical industry. We identify investment opportunities and investors, and we facilitate negotiation in M&A projects.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most

intelligent, but the one most responsive to change


Charles Darwin

Our Clients

Generic Pharmaceutical Companies

The generic pharmaceutical industry is our core competence. We have years of experience within the Business Development world of generics, and we offer our expertise in optimizing your current business, and capitalizing on your future opportunities. We offer short-term and long-term services, in/out-licensing, acquisition/divestment advice, benchmarking, out-sourcing, internationalization strategic consulting and roll-out implementation, performance evaluation, and other business development services. Our clients include leading players in the global pharmaceutical market.

Pharma Investors

We have worked on various investment projects with international investors in the world’s key economic regions, including US, Europe and Asia and given advice and opinion on acquisitions, mergers, portfolio investment, joint venture plans, and capital injection. We have identified candidates to acquire, potential buyers for divestitures, and given opinion on future profitability of major mergers within the pharmaceutical industry.

Ethical Pharmaceutical companies

We offer various consulting and business development services to ethical pharmaceutical companies, including portfolio divestment, manufacturing out-sourcing, Trademark selection, generic impact valuation, generic pre-launch valuation and licensing, ethical-to-generic benchmarking, M&A support, performance evaluation, change management, implementation management, etc.

Health Authorities

We offer consultation to Health Authorities faced with the challenge of restructuring the reimbursement and substitution systems, to reduce pharmaceutical expenses and to nurture healthy competition within the industry. Furthermore, we advice on value-chain improvements within the pharmaceutical distribution.

Consulting firms

We support consulting firms with their projects when pharma-specific expertise is needed. We add value and industry depth to M&A, due diligence, strategic and marketing projects by utilizing our industry-specific experience and knowledge. Our clients include top4 consulting firms and leading niche consulting players.

Insurance firms

We consult on tender processes and cost-saving strategies.

Law firms

We advise on dispute and litigation related to alleged contractual breach by pharmaceutical companies.

Head Hunters

At most times, we are informed of seasoned candidates, qualified for executive management positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

Ambitious Solution Provider

We focus on future market opportunities and provide a pharma-focused spectrum of consulting services customized to meet the needs of your business.

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